Next-Generation-Sequencing at the WZW

Many biologically, agronomically or biotechnologically important organisms are only insufficiently genetically characterized. Second Generation sequencing technologies now enable the efficient de novo analysis of genomes and transcriptomes as well as the re-sequencing of a large number of individuals. This opens new possibilities of a sustainable production and utilization of organisms, one of the leading missions at the Center of Life and Food Sciences Weihenstephan (WZW).

Facilities at WZW

WZW runs 2 Illumina Next-Generation-Sequencing platforms.

  • MiSeq: located at ZIEL Dep. for Microbiology; 0.8-10 Gb and 15-25 mio reads output, dependent on the application, mainly used for sequencing prokaryotic organisms

  • HiSeq2500: located at the Chair of Animal Breeding; 9-300 Gb and 0.3-3 bn reads output, mainly for sequencing eukaryotic organisms

Concept of NGS@TUM

The application of this up-to-date technology is possible for both research groups of the faculty WZW and the entire TUM.

The advantages arising from the presence of these sequencing facilities at WZW are:

  • High flexibility
  • Short queue times
  • Networking with other users, exchange of experiences
  • Low costs, as the personnel  for operating the machines is largely provided by the respective chairs
  • Project consultancy (for research groups with no or only little experience in NGS; help with application for projects, calculation of costs, planning of projects)